Bio Farma Bekerjasama dengan LIPI Kembangkan Erythropoietin

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Bio Farma Bekerjasama dengan LIPI Kembangkan Erythropoietin
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Bio Farma in Cooperation with LIPI Developing
Second Generation Erythropoietin
(Bandung 28/12) Bio Farma in synergy with P2 Biotechnology LIPI Cibinong, developing the second
generation Erythopoetin (EPO) due to launch in several years ahead. This cooperation, marked by the
handover of Research Cell Bank (RCB) EPO from P2 Bioteknologi LIPI Cibinong, to Bio Farma, on Monday,
December 28th, 2015 in Bio Farma, after which characterization and further development done at RCB, until it
is ready for production.
According to the Head of P2 Biotechnology LIPI Cibinong Bambang Sunarko, this cooperation continuing
consortium EPO which is a part of national innovation research incentive (insinas) by the ministry of research,
technology and higher education (Kemenristekditi) and has been started since 2012. The consortium EPO is
a follow up to the consortium in the National Vaccine Research Forum (FRVN).
In the mean time, according to the President Director Bio Farma Iskandar, Bio Farma set its course to
continue research done by LIPI Biotek Cibinong, particularly in characterization stage of RCB, and other
tests, “Bio Farma set its course to continue what has been started by LIPI, particularly in the advance
Characterization stage for the clone to comply with regulation aspects, then it will enter development phase,
both non-clinical and clinical development. It is expected that in the next few years it should be available as a
product, to help in therapy for dialysis patients, chemoteraphy and anemia― Iskandar said.
The researcher of P2 Bioteknologi LIPI, DR. Adi Santoso, explain, the second generation EPO
Darbepoetin Alfa has several advantages, among others are longer half-life than the first generation Erythropoie
Furthermore, Bio Farma Product Development Researcher, DR. Neny Nurainy said that half-time is the time
needed for the amount of medicine that enter the body reach half of the original amount when administered,
“The advantages of this Darbepoetin is more sugar unit than the first generation epo, as a result it has
longer half-life characteristic in the blood, therefore the administering frequency given to patients can be
lowered, from twice a week, it will become sufficient to administer it once a week―, Neni said.
About LIPI
LIPI is Non-Ministrial Institution of Government of the Republic of Indonesia which coordinated by the Ministry
of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (KMNRT). LIPI has more than 50 international cooperation
in almost every field of sciences including joint research, workshops, researcher exchange and PhD program.
Currently LIPI has 80 partners with universities, research institutions and regional governments, among
About Bio Farma
Bio Farma is a state-owned vaccine and immunosera manufacturer in Indonesia and plays a vital role in
supporting the National Immunization Program. All vaccines needed by the Government are supplied by Bio
Farma. The company has an extensive and strong major goal to responsibly endure its high quality vaccine
production whilst holding the awareness to persistently develop a green industry by covering all the aspects
of the green industry’s activities.Bio Farma was established in 1890 and throughout its long history, the
PT Bio Farma (Persero) - Jl. Pasteur No.28 Bandung 40161
T. 022-2033755; F. 022-2041306; E. [email protected]
F. Info Imunisasi; T. @biofarmaID
company has gone a long way since its existence to become one of the renowned WHO Prequalified vaccine
manufacturers in the world. Bio Farma’s products are exported to numerous countries both bilaterally as
well as to UN Agencies. Bio Farma plays an active role in various international organizations such as WHO,
International Vaccine Institute, DCVMN, GAVI and Self Reliance in Vaccine Production- in OIC. In order to
acheive more breakthroughs ahead, the company commits to be actively engaged in research and product
development activities , both independently or collaborating with prominant partners. This activity will
ultimately give rise to new innovative products based on new technology platform.
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